How to Prevent Facebook Flagging Your Account

facebook ad account flagged AGS 247 Logistics

It is no more news that the rate at which Facebook is flagging ad account recently has sky rocketed! Just of recent the complain has increased and if you happened to be one of the victim, then you should find this post very very useful.

Have your ad account ever been flagged?

You will recall that most time, even after appealing for a flagged ad account, the end result is always NOTHING TO WRITE HOME ABOUT! But right now, sit back and relax, take away every form of distractions as this is not your regular post!

This will take you through how to prevent facebook from flagging your ad account so you can keep placing your ads with peace of mind.

This article was written by Nicholas and he has generated over 10 million leads via facebook with coupes of millions (in $) spent on facebook ads.

This article was found on SME Digest – Nigeria’s foremost SME blog. Click HERE now to continue reading..



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