How to Sell All Your Imported Goods From Anywhere


Mini Importation is sweet – if you know, you know!

Do you know that many still don’t know they can just sit at the comfort of their kitchen in Borno state and be churning out hundreds of thousands of naira in sales monthly?

Yea! Wherever you are, distance is a no-barrier in this business. You don’t have to be in Lagos to be doing well, as a matter of fact, I know of a guy who resides in Ondo state and killing it better than so many people in Lagos.

Now, all you need to run your mini importation business and rock it hard in sales are;

  1. A good and working product: so many guys into mini importation are really getting it wrong here by just bringing down any product without first confirming the authenticity of this product and how effective it really is, as described/expected. The truth is, you might make sales, but you won’t keep hitting it hard on the long run as such product will definitely cast, and by cast I mean, will definitely be no more accepted by people.
  2. Secondly, you need a reliable logistics service to assist you like a business partner in carrying out all your deliveries. With AGS 247 Logistics, you’re good to go! Now here’s the most important part of this article; once your goods arrive all the way from China to say, an NBC, all you need do is give AGS 247 a call to get your goods for you. They get it, and warehouse them (and of course confirming your stock). Next is for you to run that effective and professional advert (I will teach on this very soon), and SEND YOUR ORDERS straight to AGS 247 via their website or WhatsApp line. They process every of your order effectively and professionally, get your reports across to you and then make payment to your account on whatever day of the week you’ve chosen to be receiving payment.

It’s as simple as that. But then, you need to register as a merchant to get started with your deliveries.

No more location limit as to hitting it hard in the mini importation business. So what are you still waiting for? Go Get Started with AGS 247 Logistics and be on your way to churning out effective deliveries with drastically reduced return rates.

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