How You Might Be Losing Out On Successful Orders & How To Avoid It

how to ship with AGS 247 Logistics

Shipping your ordered goods has gone beyond just sending straight to a logistics company without close monitoring of each and every goods sent.

So many business owners and mini importers that do large quantities in delivery have lost and are still loosing out on possible successful order and profit as a result of the inability to follow up on every single order.

No matter the quantity of deliveries you’re doing, to maximise your profit and investment, you ought to be able to monitor and know the status of each and every of your shipped orders.

AGS 247 Logistics has been able to put in place a structure that enables you track and know the status of every of your delivered product. Whether the product got to the customer, it’s on the way or it was rejected, you will be able to know by simply inserting the tracking code generated for you on that particular product.


So, how do you ship your ordered goods with AGS247 without having to lose out on any order at all?

First, register as a merchant on our website. Click HERE to register

Secondly, make a decision if to warehouse your products with us or pick-up. If you’re outside Lagos and your products are not too fragile, it’s advisable you warehouse for easy and fast delivery.

Thirdly, send your orders via our whatsapp line or via our website here.

Fourthly, you will receive tracking code for each and every of your shipped item. Once received, you can send to your customer so he/she can also track to know where the item currently is. You can access the tracking page here.

Lastly, on every successful delivery, you get an email alert.

If your items are on POD, report will be done weekly on all your shipped items and payment will be made on your chosen day. You can easily crosscheck all order alert you’ve received via the tracking code with your report to ensure we are on same page.


Stop shipping your items the old way, where you can’t track and know in details where your item is, neither can your customers know. Your customers get to trust your service when you let them know they can track their product – they see you like a step ahead of others and will patronise you over and over again.

Get on board now, start begin shipping your items Nationwide with AGS 247 Logistics.

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