One Effective Way to Drastically Reduce Returns & Increase Your Sales This Year

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If you sell physical products and you’re offering payment on delivery, this is for you. This strategy has not only helped me but couple of others.

But the thing is, if you don’t understand how to run Facebook ads the professional way – like a pro, you just might find it difficult to understand this strategy.

Without wasting much of your time, let’s get started!

It is no more news that the POD, payment on delivery is the inn thing in Nigeria and Africa, we just have to play alongside else, your sales will depreciate.

So what is this strategy to help reduce customers rejecting your product after they’ve placed their order..? Especially for mini importers.

Here’s it. Listen up.

Now after crafting your sales page and your thank you page basically, it is profound, more professional and profitable to “exclude” people that have ordered your product so they don’t get to see the ads again… right? Good!

But guess what..

An average Nigerian buyer online goes about placing orders on various stores reason best know to them, tho some tend to do so cos they keep seeing similar ads to yours, that’s how Facebook algorithm works (once you engage with an ad, you tend to be seeing similar ads on your newsfeed). Some even tend to forget they’ve placed order, so most of the time when the logistic guy takes the product to them, there are possible means of them rejecting (it’s pay on delivery now, they’ve got nothing to loose)

So what do I do?


I save the audience of those that have ordered my product (those that their pixel have hit the thank you page), then run another ads, this time on a very low budget of say $3-5.

Now the essence of this ad is to keep reminding them that they have placed an order on our store and the order is coming. That way, even if the courier company is delaying in sending the item probably cos it’s going to Sokoto or Sambisa, the customer will keep been reminded of his order everywhere he goes on Mark Zuckerberg’s platform (Facebook, Instagram, messenger).

NB: remember to use auto placement when running this reminder ad

They are just going to be reminded of the order so that when they’re tempted to spend the money, they easily remember.

Do you understand?

If you don’t you can check out a colleague’s Facebook ad’s training sign up on this Facebook Ads Training like a PRO – this will catapult your sales and make you good numbers this year.

Hope you got value!

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