Why You Keep Getting Returns On Your Shipped Items

why you keep geting returns - mini importation business

Dear Mini Importers,

It is very obvious that recently the high rate of returns is becoming so alarming as this is eating away our profits and proposed income, but then, when we looked at it, you’ll discover that most times the reason for this returns is largely from our end and from research, here are some major reasons why you keep getting returns or why you might get returns on your shipped item…

  1. ORDER CONFIRMATION: you see ehn.., there are so many un-serious people on the internet as much as there are serious ones too. A friend of mine received an order one day and shipped down to as far as Delta State, only for the guy to say.. “I no know say this thing na real ooo, I just say make I try am”. OMG who does that! Knowing fully well that resource has been spent to bring the goods to him on Payment on Delivery.

    So, it is very important you confirm every order before shipping out your item or before sending the orders to the logistics firm. So many people are just clicking and filling everything online without knowing what they are doing – trust me.

  2. DELAY SHIPPING: this is one of the other major reasons why you keep getting returns. Truth is, you just might not be the only one selling that product, there are couple other people selling same product and you know how it becomes bad; once a customer click through your advert or watch your video, facebook algorithm will keep showing him/her similar products of yours from different people.


Some customers will go and place orders on different stores or different adverts, whoever delivers first has made the sales and pocket the money. That is why it is advisable you send your ordered items on-time. AGS 247 Logistics has made it very easy for you such that, you don’t have to be sending your items down regularly, all you have to do is stock some of your items in their warehouse, once you’ve received and confirmed the order, send the order(s) via WhatsApp or their Website and they process immediately so it gets to the customer ASAP!


Or if your item is not something that can be stocked in their warehouse (reason best known to you), they also pick-up for you.

  1. DECEPTION: I called this deception because so many mini importers are not delivering what they advertised. I came across a page selling wrist watch, when I saw the ad, I was motivated to order one, but as a sharp guy now that knows all this things, I told the seller to snap it and send to me. He did and I found out it was so under-quality compared to what his ad video was showing.

    He will send this order to customers and most will definitely REJECT it.

    From experience, I’d advice, if you’re ordering products from China, order a very few quantity first and see the quality before ordering in mass. This will save you from future losses.


I do hope you’ve learnt a thing or two, apply them in your mini import business and see it blossom. Don’t forget to always ship with AGS 247 Logistics – they always got your back for swift and more reliable deliveries. Sign up here!


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