Why You’re Not Earning 7 Figures In Your Mini Import Business Yet

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It’s no more news that the income you can make from Mini Importation business/eCommerce in Nigeria can go as much as 7 – 10 figures, I’m talking about making from 1 million to 100 million and above, but do you know that so many Mini Importers barely make half a million, let alone 7 figures in a week.

The difference between the guy making millions monthly and you that’s yet to make 7 figures is MINDSET! Repeat after me, say MINDSET!!

Once you can conceive and believe it in your mind, you definitely will start achieving it.

Now here’s the deal. Here’s really why you are not making 7 – 8 figures yet!

What does it take to make 1 million naira in this business?


Volume is it! if you’re selling say 20 pcs of an item weekly or monthly, do you know you can sell 100 – 200 of that same item monthly? DO YOU KNOW?

YES! You can, it’s all in the mind.

If you sell an item for 15,000 and after removing ad and logistics costs, your profit is 10,000 on an item, to make 1 million in a month, you just need to sell 100 pcs of that item – very simple!

Oh! You think selling 100 pcs is difficult or not possible? Let me help you out!

How many items do you currently sell in a day?

How many in a week and how many in a month?

How much do you spend on ads to achieve those sales?

Now, double or triple your daily ad spend and see more sales coming in.

With time, you’d have sold 100 in less than a month and that’s a million naira profit.

You see, most people are scared to GO BIG!!

Until you remove that scary mindset from scaling up, you’ll only continue operating in a mediocre terrain in the mini importation/eCommerce business.

Come out of your shell today, import 100 items, increase your ad spend and sell out all in less than a month.

Believe me, IT’s POSSIBLE!!!!!!

Say to yourself, I CAN ACHIEVE IT!!!!!

Now, go ahead and make it happen..

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